BP (Belfast Puss)

Meet BP (Belfast Puss) the grumpy old man of our Cabin.

Belfast Puss, BP, was found in Belfast as a stray and brought to Crosskennan. Not a lot is known of this boy before he arrived although he had been in good health, was neutered and was well fed.

BP plays the grump but when we received five two week old orphaned kittens in he became surrogate mother, helping bathe them and teach them and overall winning everyone's hearts.

BP loves nothing more than being the centre of attention, although it is always on his terms and he has a little Jeckl and Hyde in him.

He's an older boy and he struggles with his weight and therefore his joints and is on a special diet.


BP (Belfast Puss)

Domestic Shorthair
Black and White
Born 2012
Rescued 2018
Long Term Resident