Betty lives in the cat shed along with some of her siblings.

Betty was born at the sanctuary after her mother Duchess was rescued. Betty was unsucessful in finding a home so lives on as a resident of the sanctuary.

I arrived at CLAS in 2016 at 5 weeks old with my sisters. We met lots of other kittens when we arrived and I have watched them get new homes, but because of my colour I have been overlooked - apparently black cats are too plain! I now live in the Cat Cabin and have a comfy warm bed and lots of new friends to keep me company. I love to sit outside and watch the volunteers work and when loose on the yard I often lend a paw helping with hay feeds, getting a sail in the wheelbarrows or just generally getting in the way to extract the maximum number of cuddles.



Domestic Shorthair
Born 2016
Rescued 2016
Long Term Resident