Cabin Kittens the Cat

Cabin Kittens

Our cabin is home to a mix of adult cats and kittens. We had three sets of kittens in 2019 who called the cabin home. Currently we have 4 tabby kittens left, and two black ones. They are looking for a home.

The Tabbies. These little guys came into the sanctuary late May at only 2 weeks old after they were found with their mother. Unfortunately, their mother had died. They have been hand-reared and thankfully all have made it through healthy and happy and are now ready to find homes of their own. These guys have only ever known the cabin and after consideration, it has been decided that they would be best suited to an indoor only home as they have no outdoor sense.

Older Black. The older black kitten came in alongside his siblings and mother Daisy who still resides at the sanctuary. All his siblings have been rehomed now and he's still waiting. He's a timid boy but enjoys playing and soon comes out of his shell.

Little Black. The littlest black kitten arrived in alongside her siblings after being found by volunteers of a TNR programme. They were sheltering in a car engine and were very poorly with cat flu. It was weeks of recuperation but we are glad to say that they all pulled through and two were rehomed. Little Black is still in search of a home of her very own.

Cabin Kittens

Tabby, Black
Male and Female
May 2019
Spring/Summer 2019