Daisy is looking for a very special home alongside her best friend Aphia.

Easy to groom and work with. lovely to handle quiet and good natured

Daisy is a sweetheart of a mare, she lived for sometime at a secondary yard before she came to the Sanctuary. She has physical problems with joints and stiffness that leave her unable to ride. This doesn't deter her from being an amazing little pony.

Daisy is a big girl who loves to run around and play, but equally she has shown great paitence and care when working with groups. Daisy has worked with both individuals and groups, assisting with Animal Assisted Therapy. She is happy to stand and be groomed, and has worked with adults and young children. She has been part of leading exercises, and is a super teacher, using her size to increase people's confidence in their abilities and giving them a sense of achievement.



Thoroughbred X
Born 2011