Bertie and Tiny

Bertie and Tiny were rescued by Crosskennan alongside their two brothers and sister, Ralph, Buddy and Holly. I collected the pups myself to bring them to the sanctuary but the moment I saw Bertie I had to bring him home. Tiny was the runt of the litter and was only a third of the others, I couldn't imagine leaving him in a kennel over Christmas so he came home with me too. Of course they were only ever supposed to be fostered with me until after Christmas and a home could be found for them.

Re-homing was simple, they were failed fosters. They arrived and they will never leave!

Bertie and Tiny are chalk and cheese. Bertie is my shadow and everywhere I go he wants to follow. He loves being outdoors but will be just as happy snuggling up to me on the sofa. Tiny on the other hand is a talker, and will go to anyone who shows him a bit of love. He's outgrown his name but it's stuck. He loves to chew and hates the rain. He can usually be found asleep on the sofa or destroying yet another chew toy!