Bonnie and Clyde

Left in a box at the side of the road :( .

When I first took these rabbits home they were terrified of Everything! Clyde was very tiny and Bonnie was normal sized. Clyde became tame very quick after I found out what his favourite treat was! Bonnie however didn’t :/ but I soon learned why...

I was curious as to why bonnie wouldn’t let me lift (she’d wet Herself if she was lifted up)her or touch her (after a year of having the rabbits). Bonnie has always had problems which the vet has never been able to diagnose properly. Bonnie was always as if she was sore and Clyde was friendly. Bonnie gets regular vet checks (for dental and sanitary shaves).this is how bonnie learn to trust me... after about a year and a half of having the rabbits Bonnie starting to become very ill. Clyde however was fine. She’d lost weight extremely fast, developed a head tilt and a limp in her back leg (which unfortunately is now permanent). It was E.cuniculi. I reconized the signs of it. Bonnie was put on treatment immediately and clyde was treated too. I was told that this ‘parasite’ can be dormant in inbreed rabbits. Anyway because of Bonnies condition she found it difficult to eat and drink so I fed her with a paste on my hands several times a day and let drink from a bowl (she still prefers the bowl due to her dental problems). With the month of emergency care bonnie got she finally let me lift her up. She came over to me when she was finished her treatment and jumped into my legs (I cried as bonnie would never come so close to me, it’s like she was thanking me) she nudged me with he head and I slowly put my arms out to pick her up I couldn’t believe what just happened. She wanted to be lifted. I’ve never touched her in like a year and a half. Bonnie was very quiet about herself and I realised why when bonnie learned to trust me. Bonnie had kept her dental issues hidden and her scoliosis hidden. (She can’t clean herself well or groom. She requires a modified cage to live in as she also has a limp.) the vet thinks her previous owners dropped her which caused problems to Bonnies back and mouth. Thankfully Bonnie is seen every month to get her teeth trimmed and get a sanitary shave :) she’s on a daily pain medication to help her. She’s very happy playing with Clyde and loves getting into trouble!

Bonnie and Clyde
Sarah Morrow
Summer 2015