Part of a very large rescue.

I was looking for a horse who would keep going and going up and over the Welsh hills. An ex -crosskeenan worker (and my local riding instructor) had brought 3 CLAS horses over to Wales with her. She told me she knew of just the horse and this is how my path with Hannah crossed. Strange thou as I am myself from Norther Ireland. Initally Hannah was still very nervous, of well everything, as she hadn't long completed her basic training. This meant I started almost from scratch with Hannah learning what made her nervous and how to help her relax. We learnt to trust each other and to listen to each other. She does have better eyes, ears and smell than me after all. Hannah has become a local celebrity in our rural Welsh town covered in all her hi viz orange.

I came of Hannah and knocked myself out and lost my nerve. It took me a long time to regain it. I was just at the stage of being happy walking, trotting and the odd canter on a grass verge when I saw the most amazing race on the internet called the Man v Horse race. A 24 mile race of human against horse and it wasn't too far away. So (stupidly) I signed us up and this gave us something to train towards over the next 6 months. In 2017 we completed and finished our first ever Man v Horse and Hannah was a star. In the second half of the race I felt that she just knew what she was doing. It felt that I didn't need any rein pressure at all as she knew when to slow and when to go faster. It was such good fun that we signed up again for 2018. However, this time we got vetted out at the half way point due to lameness. Hannah has since been diagnosed with ligament injuries and kissing spine. On a positive we have a great lameness expert vet working with us and she is improving weekly. We probably wont do Man v Horse again but I just want to have my Hannah back to a good level of fitness as I miss not being able to spend the hours we did discovering new routes in the Welsh Hills. Funnyiest thing about Hannah is that she used to make herself jump when she passed wind haha.

Lucinda Gibson