This is Patch (CLAS ACT) he was rescued by Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary as a welfare case, running wild, covering mares, and not in great shape in the winter with no food or water.

After the death of my beloved old cob Milo I needed company for my riding cob Texas. I didn't need a riding horse, I wanted a native pony, who I could eventually drive, but was in no rush, I just needed a companion for now. I fell in love with this boy, he had issues and attitude from a not easy past, but in 8 months he's become family. He's currently being started under saddle and is doing rather well in the ring, which considering I have no clue what I'm doing at showing and he's green as the grass is pretty good!

There are loads of diamonds in the rough just like him needing homes, overlooked because they aren't backed or looking a bit bedraggled, but I'd really encourage people to look into rescue horses if you have the time to give them you might just find a hidden gem.

Sara McComb