Rebellious Rooster

Permanent Resident
I was a tough kid from the wrong side of the tracks when I found myself against a guy bigger and stronger. I was lucky Crosskennan was there to help nurse me back to health, but honestly I could have done it myself. I'm determined like that. Soon I will have the whole sanctuary under my control and they will be eating out of the palm of my 'metaphorical' palm!
We were contacted about a rooster who needed a new home as it was being picked on by the other rooster in the flock. We agreed to try and home him and asked for photos to advertise. We lost contact but that same week a box was at the gates and inside was a sickly looking rooster with missing feathers and near dead.
He arrived covered in nasty parasites and an overall weakness from being underweight, which in turn left him slow when walking. His comb and wattle were very pale and we didn't think he'd make it through the winter. He was set up in the office where he could be carefully monitored and where he would be warm. Alfie was a fighter though and it wasn't very long at all until he was crowing and stomping about his cage ready to get out and explore.

He lived next to Ernie the Rooster and after watching Ernie crowing along with phone calls he joined in, proving to us all that he was most definitely on the mend!
In March 2020 he joined our front garden flock - made up of permanent resident birds who cannot be rehomed due to health or age. He immediately settled in as the second to Giles. He loves exploring the garden with his new family of birds, Natasha, Natalie, Lorelei, Giles, Dorothy, and Thelma.

He's become a little spoiled since arriving and has managed to get the front flock's bedtime extended until after sundown with a determined streak that got him through the winter.

He's a funny rooster, who seems to like to play hard to get until you have something nice, in which case he will be your best friend. He loves sugary treats and will snatch them straight out of your hand even when they aren't for him. We blame his time in the office and Ernie's influence on him for his affection for the finer things.

It's hoped perhaps he will be suitable for our therapy program in the future but we get the feeling if he doesn't want to do it he'll be the first to tell us!