Moody Mare

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Permanent Resident
I am not bothered, I like what I like and honestly I'll work with whoever, just whatever okay?
Beth was rescued along with 7 other ponies in 2011. They had been abandoned and were running wild through beautiful glens and forests. It was an idyllic setting with very few people and little access. An ideal location for some pretty ponies to play. Unfortunately, the horses were in a very poor state, with severely overgrown hooves.
Beth’s main issue was and still is her sweet-itch. Like most grey pony's over a certain age, Beth has some skin melanomas which we closely monitor for changes.
She has very bad sweet-itch and it is one of the reasons she’s never managed to hold onto a home; that and her moody mare attitude. Beth is still firmly rooted in those wild forests and she is forever playing hard to catch. She doesn’t share - with anyone and will boss even the biggest and baddest horses out of the way.

Since arriving at the sanctuary she has been brought into riding and had a chance in some homes, which unfortunately never worked out long term. Following that she had a short career helping with pony rides and our Animal's Helping People programs. She isn't sound for riding and hasn't been ridden since 2016 due to this and her paitent dislike of the activity. Instead she spends most days glaring at Harvey through the fence (her known nemesis), or making sure no one thinks about sharing her food.

She’s in her later years of life and she is a permanent feature of the sanctuary now - we won’t say resident as she might take offence.

She’s a lovely pony but her sweetitch, age, and some other health issues leave her as one of our more expensive residents to care for.
I need creams for my sweet itch, I want more yummy Horslyx which I refuse to share with anyone else! I hate these pisky midges biting me in the summertime!