Our Superstar

Permanent Resident
I came with my mother and siblings as only little chicks. I was 1 of 6 sons but it became very apparent early on that I wasn't like my siblings. I like my comforts so I live in the sanctuary office where it's warm and cosy. I also like meeting new people and I get to go to nursing homes and schools with some of the other animals. I like to shout for attention so you usually hear me before you see me!
Ernie arrived at the sanctuary as a chick alongside his mother and his siblings.
He was the runt of the boys and growing up he seemed to step back from the hens and roosters, less interested in them as he was in people.

When he was approaching a year with us he took unwell and we feared we were going to lose him; he had several visits with different vets who couldn't diagnose his issue. He spent a year indoors, with only outdoor time for daily exercise as he struggled with prolonged exposure to the elements.

Of course when he seemed to be fit enough to return to the flock he wasn't the least bit interested in hens or roosters.

His health took another dip not long after moving back outdoors; his body had accustomed itself to indoors and struggled with the cold and wet weather, even when tucked up in the hen houses with others.
He's moved in permanently to the sanctuary office with the cats where he can keep an eye on things.

He is really a special bird with a particular personality that is less Rooster than we are used to. He likes to crow and he loves a dust bath and is more interested in people than birds.

He made his TV Debut the same day he made his first visit to a nursing home. He was the star of a short interview about the benefits of animal-assisted therapeutic activities with people with dementia. He stole the show of course, and has been quite unbearable to live with since!

You may see him out and about visiting someday - so make sure to say hello!

Ernie is one of our sponsor animals, and he would be very grateful if you can help support him and his friends at the sanctuary. Learn more by clicking the sponsor link below.