The Big Black and White Goofball!

Permanent Resident
I'm a lover not a fighter! I love everyone and although I can be a little dramatic with somethings I'm honestly quite down to earth!
Hercules was abandoned with his herd of around 8 horses. He arrived at the sanctuary angry, and extremely protective of his mares; to the point, the mares didn't want anything to do with him either.
He was rehomed and although we suspected he had experience riding or driving, he was started from scratch. Unfortunately, Hercules' answer to someone on his back was 'get off!' and when he finally found someone he couldn't buck off he went lame. He was so crippled with pain that he was rushed to a specialist vet only for him to come bounding out of the trailer like the eedyit he is. Showcasing that he had movement in all limbs, was pain-free and absolutely ecstatic that there was no saddle in sight.
We tried again with riding but it was obvious he wasn't happy and the sight of the saddle made him lame; genuinely! We believe he has had a traumatic incident in his past that has made the riding experience extremely distressing for him, no matter how gentle or slow his training was.

He's a permanent resident at the sanctuary now, one of the 'Big Boys' and an absolute rogue and ladies man. He loves fuss and attention and will steal whatever is on your person that is not glued down; so hold onto your hats, scarfs, gloves... glasses!