The Mellow Mare

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I'm Looking for a Home!
Sometimes you just have to take what life gives you. I've learnt life can be hard, it can be cruel, but not all people are bad and I'm happy knowing that.
Jodie was part of a small rescue that saw her and a few other horses lifted and taken into the care of the sanctuary. She was on a secondary yard for a few months before we had room for her at the yard.
When she arrived up at the sanctuary she immediately settled in as she'd always been there, a very calm and gentle nature nothing seemed to bother her. What did bother her though was dinner - her stomach didn't cope well with any subtle changes and we also quickly diagnosed quite a bad dust allergy. Even on her worst of days she always seemed so mellow and calm.

We also realized she wasn't completely sound for riding but she was suitable for light hacking and so began the search for a home.
She was rehomed a number of different times, originally as a ridden pony for short hacking and pleasure. She was paired up with Sanza and like everything else Jodie does, she took it all in her stride.

Unfortunately, none of the homes stuck and when they were both returned after time. By this point Jodie was into her twenties and riding wasn't a large factor for her anymore, at most she could lead a small child around. Of course, with her various issues, her lack of 'potential' for riding, her age, and the fact that she was now joined up with Sanza, the applications for her never came.

It was decided in 2020 that she would become a permanent resident where her stomach issues could be monitored closely, where she could spend her days with her best friend, and where she was quite obviously happy having nothing asked of her.

Jodie adores a little fuss and attention and is always on the lookout for her next 'buddy'.

If you would like to sign up to be a Buddy for Jodie and Sanza or one of the other many equines at the sanctuary then please send an email to

A 'Buddy's' job is to provide a little one on one time with their equine; grooming, cuddles, walking, and providing any extra care and support needed specific to that equine. Jodie would adore her tail washed and a good groom!