The Diva

Permanent Resident
I was born feisty and I've made it my life's mission that no one will break me. I'm confident, happy and I could teach you a few things!
Kerry arrived at the sanctuary in 2010 when she rescued alongside her mother Peggy and their herd. The only problem at the time was there was absolutely no room at the sanctuary, nor at any of the other yards, the manager contacted. One of the transporters quite naturally asked where they were headed and the manager responded 'I don't know', while she called around everyone she could think of to find a spare field or shelter.

One of our supporters came through for us that night and little baby Kerry, who was no more than a month old, trotted out, already confident and demanding.
She eventually was rehomed alongside her mother but four years later she returned, still as forward and rude, although she soon settled into a routine at the yard with people she knew. Eventually we were able to get her backed to begin her riding career and hoped that we could find a very confident little rider for her who would be able to handle her feisty nature.
After a number of failed rehoming attempts, Kerry suffered an injury in true over confident Kerry style; trying to jump a fence higher than she was and crashing through it instead. The healing process took a long time and she has some long term scaring on her leg where she hurt herself in the accident.

It was decided she would step away from rehoming, and honestly, she hasn't looked back. Settling happily into sanctuary life where she knows she won't be shifted on again, her friends are near and who her people are.