Everybody Loves Lucy!

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Permanent Resident
I arrived at CLAS in 2014 and from my first arrival, I've liked to make sure people remember me! I'm a big personality in a little package which means I'm just bursting full of awesomeness. I love treats but I can't have them because I have tummy troubles, but I can have cuddles and I love to play games. I even help teach some of the little people all about horses. Cause I'm awesome that way!
Lucy was lifted in a large rescue of abandoned ponies and although she was the smallest of the group she was the biggest personality by half!
Lucy was on a secondary yard after rescue and while there she terrorized horses even three times her size. She suffers from chronic/recurrent colic and is also very defensive of food and we have nearly lost her on multiple occasions when she presented with severe colic overnight; staff and volunteers have spent nights sitting with her while waiting for treatment to take effect or vets to arrive. Quick action by volunteers and staff on noticing the symptoms is what saved her life each time.
She is a right wee madam who likes what she likes and is what she is without apology. She once had a standoff with all the big horses - beating them all up for the food. She may be small but if she will trample you for a treat. Having said that she is an absolute sweetheart with children, quite the opposite to her other half Tintin who isn't all that fussed about people be they big or small.

Lucy became a Permanent resident in 2016 due to her chronic colic, her food issues, her aggressive nature with other horses around food, and after numerous failed attempts to settle her and her 'hubby' Tintin in a home together.

Lucy helps with our training our youngest visitors in the proper care of equines and is often the go-to for any little people visiting who want to have a grooming session! She loves to be pampered and fussed over and is always willing to have a go.