Our not so Feral feline!

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Permanent Resident
I've been a CLAS Resident since 2019 when I arrived with my friend Sarah to begin life as a yard cat. I was supposed to be feral you see but it wasn't long with a little TLC that I was looking forward to seeing people. Of course I have a reputation to hold up so I make sure to glare at anyone who dares step into my cabin. I am coming around to meeting new people and I am hoping that as a Sponsor Cat people can come and spend some more time getting to know me and helping me learn about how loving people can be!
Crosskennan was asked to help provide a home for two semi-feral cats. Minstrel arrived at the sanctuary hissing and scared of people and we knew there wasn’t much hope of finding a home for him. What we could offer him though was a home where he could be himself and live as feral as he liked as a yard cat.
Within a few days of arriving at the sanctuary through Minstrel and his companion Sarah began to behave in a more domesticated manner, meowing at dinner time and although they still hid when staff and volunteers would come in, they weren’t exactly as feral as first thought.

So began the slow process of socialization. Minstrel moved into the Cabin where he put on a show for BP who was king of that castle; eventually, the pair settled into a truce, Minstrel deferring to the older man. It was a process of daily grooming and routine that eventually won over Minstrel and soon he was trotting over happily when ‘his person’ arrived to groom him.
Unfortunately, Minstrel still isn’t sure of new people, or any people for that matter other than his person; but every new person he meets is another opportunity for him to learn that people aren’t all bad. He has settled well into sanctuary life, a little different than what had originally been expected for him, but he’s proven that he prefers his comforts too much to ever be an outdoor cat.

He loves his routine and knows exactly when dinner is due and will glare at the door if you’re even a few minutes late. His glare is his signature look but we love it because it is so different from the scared wide-eyed expression he arrived with.