Our Awesome Old Man!

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Permanent Resident
I arrived at CLAS in 2016 after I was found running loose on the road numerous times. I had such terrible teeth because no one had ever looked after them that I had to have extra work done to get me healthy. I took a break from Crosskennan and traveled down to Wiklow to work with kids as a therapy pony, before returning to the sanctuary in 2019 and continuing to teach kids all about horses and how to care for us. I love nothing more than a good groom followed by a dust bath.
Oscar was rescued in 2016 alongside his little pal Comet. We were contacted by the police about ponies who were constantly running on the roads.

It took us half an hour to catch him and Comet. In terms of body weight he was in good condition which is surprising considering the amount of damage in his mouth which was discovered by our dentist. We get all our horses checked when they come in and when the dentist looked at him we just heard 'Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear'.

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Not long after he arrived, it became apparent that he was having difficulty eating his food, so the dentist was organised to come and check his teeth.

We soon realised why it was so hard for him to eat properly. Oscar's teeth have obviously never been attended to. He had large hooks at the front, and one tooth simply fell out as there was no longer any root holding it.

However, that is not where his problems ended - Oscar had another tooth with a large hole in it, and split the whole way up the root which required him to be transported to Tullyraine Veterinary Clinic to be sedated and have his mouth fully x-rayed. All his bad teeth were removed during this time and thankfully he improved with each passing day. He was finally able to eat pain-free.

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Oscar was trained up for riding and he was snapped up for a home as a therapy riding pony in Wicklow where he excelled. He worked there for a couple of years before returning to us for his retirement. He is only in his late teens but has been having increasing issues with his digestive system which we are closely monitoring.

He is a happy pony who has helped us with some nervous riders and those with little to no experience with equines. He has been working at the sanctuary as part of our Animal's Helping People programe since May 2019 and is a superstar.

He is a pony who can be turned out for months and then quickly step back into work. He is so paitent with people and happy for a little fuss.

Like all white ponies, at least from our personal experience, Oscar loves a roll! Especially a roll in the dirt after a bath!
I need Gut Balancer, I want a good tail washing shampoo! I love getting Dirty! I hate picking up my feet!