Tabby Tom

Permanent Resident
Hi, I'm Simon, also known as Tabby Tom - the trouble maker and big man in the cabin (if you ignore BP and Minstrel of course!). I love to climb and do acrobatics and jump on people's backs and scare them! I love it at the sanctuary so much because I live with my big family of misfit cats and it's awesome! I don't know how I'd feel in a home of my own because this is all I've ever known and it can be quite scary going outside.
Simon came into the sanctuary late May at only 2 weeks old after his sisters and he were found with their mother. Unfortunately, their mother had died.

He was the biggest of the bunch on arrival and was always fighting for extra when the bottle was out for feeding time. He was a confident boy and although he was still very small he was brave and would often venture out of the crate at feeding time to explore.

There were fears with his auspicious start to life, considering he had been feeding off his ill and then dead mother. We weren't sure if there were any immunity issues and we were very careful to restrict access for the first couple of months to help build him up.
After spending so long getting up to full strength Simon was nearly 7 months old before he was ready to find a home. After spending every day and night with his siblings and the other cabin cats he was highly vocal in his distress when we tried to move him into another area or seperate him from the others. We made the decision that he would only be rehomed with a sibling.

We also made the decision that he had to be an indoor only cat as he hasn't been outdoors since arriving at the sanctuary except for trips to the vets; on which he fretted constantly.

In 2020 and approaching his first birthday Simon showed signs of flu and we removed him from the rehoming list until he was healthy again as he was recieving eye drops as well as other treatments for his health. He is prone to picking up infections - potentially as a result of a weaker immune system from losing his mother at such a young age. We honestly don't know. What we do know is, that whether Simon lives at the sanctuary for another month or for the rest of his life, he will always recieve the absolute best care.