The Scaredy Mare

Permanent Resident
Where the daughter goes, I go. What can I say? I'm very protective of my baby.
Tweedy was abandoned, in foal, and led her rescuers on a merry dance of trying to catch her as she was so scared of being touched and ran to the point of near exhaustion to escape people.
She was traumatised before we got to her but the extended time of rescue didn't help. We didn't want to put undue pressure on her as it was clear she was in foal. We let her be once she was safe and she delivered her baby girl on a secondary yard a few months later. We needed to get both mum and baby vet checked but one sight of the vet had Tweedy rearing and trying to escape, she was extremely protective of her newborn but even that didn't stop her flight instincts and she leaped the bonnet of a car to escape.

She was brought to the sanctuary to recuperate. Fiercely protective of her daughter Harper, the sanctuary staff had to slowly gain her trust in order to keep her healthy. It was a very slow process and in that time Tweedy and Harper's bond grew to the point that Harper leaped a stable door as a yearling so that she could get back to her mother. Tweedy is only happy when Harper is near.

Due to Tweedy's attachment to Harper and the lengths both will go to to stay together, it was decided they wouldn't be separated. This worked in both mare's favour as Harper's injuries from her many daring stunts had left her unable to be ridden and Tweedy's nervousness and anxiety didn't make her an ideal candidate for rehoming either.

So after various failed attempts at homing, Tweedy joined the permanent resident's at the sanctuary, with Harper at her side.

Tweedy still makes the 'scaredy mare' face but thankfully it's less often, and sometimes we swear it's an act as she can be quite the sweet and affectionate little pony with the right incentives and people!