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HFH Doug

HFH Doug


3 Years



Doug is looking for a new home. Please do read his requirements before applying!

Doug is a 3 year old straight haired cockapoo (he will be 4 in April). He is looking for an adult only home and one with the time and experience to continue the training he has had in the current home and with our team on site. Doug started working with us last year for issues in the home and with the vet and groomer. He has come on a lot but cannot remain in the current home long term. He requires an adult only home and we will be firm on this. He is crate trained but is used to multiple walks a day and will need stimulating play as he's a smart dog. He needs someone who will be willing to continue his training and handling and the sanctuary will provide support with this.

He loves nothing better than being at the park or at the beach chasing a ball, that is Doug at his best. After these he is normally happy enough to just chill on a blanket, on the sofa or in his crate. The longest he is used to be being alone is maximum of 4 hours - on times he has been left longer he has been destructive with his toys; although didn't touch furniture etc.

Doug would love a quiet home and ideally a home without new people in and out regularly as he can be nervous of new people/strangers. He normally warms up quickly enough with people who want to get to know him though - especially with those who play. He is reactive and will bark at other dogs when out walking on lead, there has never been any incidents although due to this and the fact he has never lived with another dog we are seeking a dog free home. We have no history of him with cats and so we are seeking a cat free home too ideally.

A secure garden is a must and the bigger the better. He loves having his own space to run around and play and given the chance he will go exploring further afield if not secured although has good recall.

Doug can become overly stressed in some situations and any new owner will need to take the time to learn triggers and signals. If stressed he will snap and has nipped. This is something that the sanctuary was assisting with re training and his stresses and incidents have greatly reduced but the home has realised that they are not in a position to continue as their home is not suitable for him long term. His main areas of issue are with the Vet, groomer, being bathed etc.

From owner "I think mostly what he needs is someone/a family who can give him plenty of time, and most importantly space, to adjust as he has always been a nervous/anxious dog and I imagine always will be. They need to be supportive of his training needs and be willing to put time in to working with him on these issues as we have done. He has done agility before and always enjoys it thoroughly. He is very clever and responds well to commands such as 'off', 'down', 'sit', 'leave it' etc."

Doug needs;
A quiet adult only home with no other dogs.
A secure garden (Bigger the better!)
Someone who can dedicate time to working with him, training, playing, and walks!
A home where he can continue he training to help with his anxiety

Doug Loves;
Walks, Space, Off lead, Beach, Chasing his ball

Doug Does not like;
Lots of noise, strangers

HOME FROM HOME - This dog is currently not in the direct care of the sanctuary and not residing at the sanctuary premises - the dog will remain in their current home until rehoming and any potential meetings will take place at the current home or in the area.

If you think you can meet the needs of this dog please do apply by completing an application form on our website; if you have any issues completing the form please email

If this dog is not suitable for you please take a moment to have a look at the other dogs seeking new homes on our website.

Whilst every care is taken to find the right dog for you, we cannot guarantee behavior, nor can we guarantee that will have a dog suitable for you. 

We have a rehoming fee of £70 for dogs. All our dogs are neutered and if not neutered at the time of rehoming will be required to be neutered as soon as permitted by a vet. All adoptions will only take place following meeting the dog at the sanctuary and a home check. 

You can fill in this online form which will submit directly to our office. You can also download a form that you can print yourself and either post to the sanctuary Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary, 26 Crosskennan Lane, Antrim, BT41 2QY or email to

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