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Natural Horsemanship Workshop

By Lesley Sharp

What a wonderful day with Brian Ousby and his talented horse Lulu. They were both up early to make the journey from near Tyrella beach in Downpatrick to us here in Antrim, to showcase natural horsemanship.

The morning practical clinic was at our yard using our horses who all were relaxed and enjoying all being out together as a herd teaching us to speak horse. As Brian says they are never going to learn English but we can learn horse. We were all able to put into practice some of Brian's foundation training with a horse each.

After a quick coffee we headed up to Crosskennan for Brian and Lulu to demonstrate some of the finer points of natural horsemanship.

They performed under difficult conditions with nosey donkeys peering in, clatters from the girls working in the yard and an unruly mob of nosey mares just the other side of the fence in the school.

It demonstrated the bond and trust Lulu has for her partner Brian as she kept calm and cool throughout. Even when Brian opened an umbrella, which totally spooked the watching mares who bolted as if Hades himself was after them, Lulu started at the noise they made but quickly composed herself and was completely unconcerned at the open umbrella over her head.

Brian then rode her with no bridle on making it look easy, which for Lulu it was; as it was clear she understood what Brian was asking of her and impressed all of us at her calmness.

Thank you so much Brian for your time and to Christie who was helping Brian.Thank you as well to all those who donated and as Brian did the whole day for free all the money donated will go to CLAS.

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