We use Horslyx lick buckets on the yard for all of our ponies to help provide their needed nutrients and balances. There are three main types we use most often - Original, Respiratory and Garlic. We also make use of the Mint, Mobility and Digest which all have their own purpose.


Horses like Jarvis, Jodie, Sorley, and Forza all make use of the respiratory lick regularly as they all suffer from a dust allergy. This lick is also good for any ponies with coughs. The Garlic lick helps protect from flies and other biting insects and is essential at this time of year when the insects are everywhere - especially for our sweet itch ponies like Lady, Tintin, and Forza again!


You can help horses like Forza healthy by donating to buy a Horslyx Tub - there are multiple sizes available but we use the 5kg and 15kg most. The 5kg on average lasts one pony 25 days. 


All size to duration ratios is calculated on the basis of a single 200kg pony usage.


All costs are calculated along with shipping costs to the sanctuary.


AS OF MAY 2020 - until December 2020

Horslyx and Fane Valley Stores have offered the Sanctuary a sponsorship.

Fane Valley Stores are offering a special price on the 15kg products which we can collect from their stores. We have edited the costs of these products to reflect the discounted price and it is a brilliant discount that makes the 15kg in some cases nearly equal to the 5kg licks.


Please say if you are a UK taxpayer and can, therefore, gift aid any donations. Gift Aid is a scheme which allows charities to claim from HMRC, the basic rate of tax their donors have paid. Gift Aid increases the value of donations by 25%, so it means even more money goes to the causes you care about – and it won't cost you extra.

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