Want all the love and cuddles without the hard work? Why not 'Adopt a Bird' and change an animal's life! Make a monthly donation of only £10  to help the birds at the sanctuary keep safe and well (less than 40p a day!). We are home to 27 birds who call the sanctuary their  home.


If you would like to donate as a gift please specify the details of this. 


If you choose to make a recurring sponsorship.

In return for your donation, you will receive a quarterly email about all the goings-on at the yard as well as exclusive invitations to our select sponsor open days.

Sponsor a Bird!

Price Options
One-time purchase
Annual Sponsor
The perfect Gift for a Chicken Lover!
£120.00yearly/ auto-renew
£10 Sponsor
Cancel at any time!
£10.00monthly/ auto-renew
£20 Sponsor
Cancel Anytime!
£20.00monthly/ auto-renew
£5 Sponsor!
The Sweetcorns on you!
£5.00monthly/ auto-renew
£2 Monthly
Less than a cup of coffee!
£2.00monthly/ auto-renew