We use Synbiovit regularly for a number of our rescues, including Lucas, who is an ex-racehorse who was originally bred in America before being abandoned, starving in a yard in Belfast. He's been with us since he was 5 years old and is now in his twenties. He suffers from gut problems and we have found the only aid is Synbiovit.


You can help horses like Lucas by donating to buy a tub of Synbiovit - there are two sizes available the 900g which lasts approximately 1 month on the yard, and the larger 4.5kg which will last approximately 5 months!


All costs are calculated along with shipping costs to the sanctuary.


Please say if you are a UK taxpayer and can, therefore, gift aid any donations. Gift Aid is a scheme which allows charities to claim from HMRC, the basic rate of tax their donors have paid. Gift Aid increases the value of donations by 25%, so it means even more money goes to the causes you care about – and it won't cost you extra.