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Christmas Pups 2016

Crosskennan received a call from a supporter a few weeks before Christmas in 2016. She had been worriedly contacted by a man who wanted rid of a litter of puppies. She couldn't take them on and so contacted the sanctuary. Our kennels were already full for Christmas - and as the saying goes there was no room in the Inn. However that didn't stop us from offering help and we said that if she could get the pups to us we would do whatever we could to ensure their safety.

The evening of our Christmas open day 2016 we finally got word that the pups were on their way. The very kind lady had met the man and saved the pups from an unthinkable fate. She drove to Antrim where she met with volunteers who transferred the pups to the sanctuary. We had managed to secure temporary foster homes for three of the pups but two had to be put into kennels. We were very grateful to another supporter and volunteer who offered to foster the other two over the Christmas period.

The pups were young but had been weaned. First thing was getting them health checked by a vet as they were all showing symptoms of worms and were very thin. As to their breed all we knew was that the mother was an Irish Setter but many speculated over the possibly breeds that they could be. 

It wasn't long before we received word from two of the foster families that the pups had settled and were going no where. We were so happy that they had found such great homes. 


Little Ralph's foster mother loved him but she couldn't commit to taking him on long time so we began searching for his forever home after the Christmas Holidays. Ralph was fostered not far from where Bertie and Tiny, his brothers, were being fostered so he was able to meet up and have playdates.


We had a lot of interest in him from the general public, but a forever home wasn't found and by March 2017 Ralph's foster home's circumstances changed. 

Ralph returned the sanctuary while he continued his search for a forever home. It was an upsetting day for all involved as Ralph was such an amazing little dog who was just looking for a home of his own. Staff member Debbie couldn't bear the sight of him in a kennel and so she decided to take him home with her to be fostered until he could find a home. Just like the other foster homes, Ralph was failed foster, settling in really well with his new family, and fellow Crosskennan rescue dogs Lola and friends. 

Buddy & Holly

Buddy and Holly made such an impact on their foster families lives that they couldn't part with them. They became two more member of a big animal family, including some other CLAS rescues.

Bertie & Tiny

Bertie and Tiny came into their families lives when they were still grieving for the loss of one of their dogs. It was never intended for the pups to stay but they fit in so well, including giving their old dog who was also grieving a new lease of life. They officially joined the family in January 2017 alongside four CLAS rescue horses. 

Bertie and Tiny love nothing more than playing fetch, helping on the farm or in the workshop or even the stables. They love all their siblings, from the horses, goats and sheep, to the cats and lizards.  

They met up with their brother Ralph at Crosskennan's Dog's Day Out in 2018!

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