Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary is a voluntary organisation that relies on the support and dedication of committed animal lovers. You can volunteer to help with day to day care of the animals on the yard, or help with regular fundraising events such as bag packing in local supermarkets. If you would like to become a volunteer please complete and return a Volunteer Induction Form or fill in our online Application.


View our up and coming fundraising events or check out our Facebook page to see the latest volunteering opportunities and talk to other volunteers. We need your help and support. You can also call us on 028 9446 5384 or email us at crosskennan@hotmail.co.uk if you think there’s any way you can help.


Care for Our Horses

Work with horses and provide all care from the most basic; mucking out, grooming and feeding.

Bag Packs and Street Collections

Can you spare a few hours every other month? We need people who can come along and help us fundraise at B&M Stores in Junction One?

Check out our calander on our "What's on' page to find out dates that we will be collecting. If you would like to get involved or know somewhere we can collect please get in touch!

Cat Carers

Do you love cats? We have a volunteering role built just for you! We need volunteers who have experience caring for cats and can help us provide the daily care our 30+ feline residents demand and deserve!

We need people who have a love of cats and are experienced in caring for cats. Duties will include cleaning litter trays, beds, water bowls etc. Tidying cat areas, preparing food, and of course playing with the cats!

Some of our cats come to us very nervous of people and this makes it near impossible for us to rehome them so part of the role will include helping us to teach the cats that humans aren't all bad.

Cat Care

Groom Our Ponies!

We need experienced horse people who can groom ponies and horses at the yard; with potential of training and supervising other volunteers in the grooming and handling of the equines at the Sanctuary. The Animals can have trust issues and can really benefit from one on one care and support.

You must have experience in grooming horses. Experience in working with nervous horses and ponies is useful as many of our horses and ponies have traumatic pasts that have left them wary of people and touch.

Grooming is a job that sadly too often gets set aside at the sanctuary due to the large number of animals in care. With grooming not only are we cleaning the horses and checking for any problems but we are also bonding and providing a chance for the horses and ponies to see that human contact doesn't always have to be scary.

Equine Care

Groom Our Ponies.png

Small Animal Volunteers

Volunteers to assist with the ongoing and everyday care of the small animals at the sanctuary. Get hands on with cats, dogs, and some of our feathered friends! All training will be provided!

Chicken Care, Cat Care, Dog Care

Groom Our Ponies.png

Searching For Some Handy Volunteers

Crosskennan are searching for volunteers who don’t mind getting dirty and hands on. Gardeners, painters, handymen/women. Can you spare a few hours of your time to help us?

Crosskennan are searching for the special volunteers. We need people who don’t mind getting dirty and hands on. We have a number of projects ongoing around the sanctuary and are working on making the areas more appealing to visitors and users, as well as safe and secure to work in. We are looking for people who enjoy working outdoors and who can commit to a couple of hours a month to complete tasks around the site, including; Weeding Trimming hedges Painting Decorating These are tasks that desperately need done and done right so we are looking for capable and preferably knowledgeable gardeners, handyman/woman, painters etc. to give up a little of their time to help. If you think you can help contact us at office@crosskennanlane.org.uk

Yard Maintanance

Not currently funded