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Do something amazing and help us help animals in need!

Give your time to our existing fundraising activities in your area!

We know not everyone can help all the time, and we know that not everyone can cover every place. That's why we have volunteers covering different areas and why we always need more.

Store & Street Collections

Assist with Collections in your local area. If you can spare a couple of hours every couple of months then this is perfect for you! You can even get your friends and family involved. Great if you like to meet people and chat!

Collection Box Volunteer

Can you help us manage collection boxes in your local area. As simple as dropping and picking up collection boxes as required. Time commitment is what works for you. Help when you can!


Do you have the time to reach out to local shops and businesses? If yes, then perhaps you can help us reach more avenues for fundraising in your area. Great for people who love to chat, meet new people and want to help spread awareness of our work!

Donation Collection

Do you have storage to spare? A vehicle for transport? Could you become a point for donations for our supporters in your local area? Often we get offered donations but they cannot deliver, having a local point means we can access more donations.


Occasionally we will have the chance to run or attend events in your local area. In order to successfully run any event we must ensure we have adequate volunteers to help. Could this be you?

There are so many ways to fundraise for Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary! Whether holding a bake sale, hosting a coffee morning, cycling from Belfast to Dublin or even doing a sky dive, everyone can be a Crosskennan Lane Angel and help us to help animals in need!  

How To Fundraise

Make a Plan

Try and think of something that is both impressive and achievable. Think about whether you want to do it alone or in a team. Consider whether you want to sign up to one of our events or run your own. Set a date and decide on how much you want to raise. Don’t be afraid to think big!

Tell Everyone

Shout about what you’re doing at any available opportunity. Use posters, emails, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to let everyone know how they can get involved. Set up a Just Giving fundraising page to support your fundraiser efforts.

Pay Up

After your event, you can donate the money you’ve raised quickly and easily. If you've collected cash donations you can pay in your funds a number of ways, find out more about paying in funds here. If you've set up an online sponsorship or event page remember to close it and update your supporters! 

Enjoy It

Don’t forget to have some fun! Celebrate your achievement, toast your success! We’d love to see photos of your event, so make sure to send them in or tag us on Facebook, Instagramand Twitter 

Say Thanks

Everyone who donates, takes part or turns up at your event, will be helping you to help us help animals in need. The animals aren't able to thank people personally, so make sure you do it for them!

How your fundraising helps

Annually we have over 100 animals in our direct care with more out in foster homes. Every time you raise enough to cover the basic costs means it's one less expense we need to worry about and can better prepared to take on the emergency cases who need extra help.


Spays / Neuters a Cat or Kitten


Provides Dental care for a Horse 


Spays / Neuters a Dog

Recycle your unwanted items

Having a clear-out? We want your stuff! Pre-loved items can all be sold via our eBay shop or at local car boot sales to raise money for our animal residents. Alternatively, recycling ink cartridges, old phones and even Lego can also raise funds for Crosskennan Lane!

Spare change?

You can also help horses, ponies, donkeys, dogs, cats and chickens by collecting spare change in one of our Collection Boxes!

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