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I would like to make a regular donation to help the sanctuary continue to help animals in need...

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Make a Donation

Donate to the Sanctuary

Hundreds of homeless, abandoned, neglected and abused animals find themselves in need of our help every year. Can you help us to help them?

Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary is Northern Ireland’s only equine and education-based animal charity and we depend on the support of generous individuals to allow us to continue our vital work.


Public donations make up a large proportion of our income and are therefore fundamental in helping us deal with the number of welfare cases.

Cash donations of any size welcome. Every penny makes a difference! We can provide collection boxes that can be placed in homes or businesses to collect donations from friends, family, and customers; perfect for loose change!

Where Your Money Goes

Costs (2).png


Caring for Animals


Admin and Fundraising

*Based on 2021-2022 Annual Accounts 

Donations of blankets, food, papers, food, etc. are also welcome.

You can donate items and food directly at the sanctuary or via our Amazon wish list or from items on our Wishlist page!

Feed the Chickens!

It costs 38p on average per bird to cover their daily food. You can help us keep food on their plates and in their bellies! Please help us feed birds like Giles!

Sponsor for

£2.66 per week!

Vet Appeal

Our Vet bills are constant at the sanctuary and with every new arrival there is a spike in costs. Can you help us care for the animals in need?

Sponsor for

£3.00 every other week!

Ark Appeal

Every animal has their own needs and costs - help us keep them fed by topping up our Ark Appeal.

Sponsor for

£5 per month!

Love the Littles!

It costs as little as £23 a month to feed some of the little ponies on the yard. Can you help us keep them fed and well?

Sponsor for

£15 per month!

Cat Care Plan!

Costs of caring for the cats each month is upwards of £1000! Can you help us cover a small portion of these costs?

Sponsor for

£5 per month!

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