Donate to the Sanctuary

Hundreds of homeless, abandoned, neglected and abused animals find themselves in need of our help every year. Can you help us to help them?

Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary is Northern Ireland’s only equine and education-based animal charity and we depend on the support of generous individuals to allow us to continue our vital work.


Public donations make up a large proportion of our income and are therefore fundamental in helping us deal with the number of welfare cases.

How can you donate?



Credit/Debit Card


Text Message

Just Giving

You can send a regular donation via text message, just giving and PayPal.

You can now give on Facebook and Instagram; all money comes direct to us without any charges or fees. You can set up a fundraiser or even add a donate button to your posts; select Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary as your chosen charity.

You can give through Amazon Smile too!


You can also donate with debit or credit card online now!

Donations of blankets, food, papers, food, etc. are also welcome.

You can donate items and food directly at the sanctuary or via our Amazon wish list or from items on our Wishlist page!

Or sign up to make a monthly donation!

Ark Appeal

Every animal has their own needs and costs - help us keep them fed by topping up our Ark Appeal.

Sponsor for

£5 per month!

Love the Littles!

It costs as little as £23 a month to feed some of the little ponies on the yard. Can you help us keep them fed and well?

Sponsor for

£15 per month!

Cat Care Plan!

Costs of caring for the cats each month is upwards of £1000! Can you help us cover a small portion of these costs?

Sponsor for

£5 per month!

Feed Hercules!

It costs us £144 each month just to feed Hercules. Can you help by covering just one day each month?

Sponsor for

£4.80 per month!

Help Beth!

It costs £111.90 each month to provide Beth with food and the supplements needed to help keep her healthy and happy. Can you help cover just one day a month?

Sponsor for

£3.73 per month!

Pledge a legacy

At Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary we must also think about the future and prepare for the animals that will need our help in the months or years to come. Pledging a legacy is the most certain way a person has of providing for others after their death, whether it is for family, friends, pets or for charities.

Legacies left by kind supporters and animal lovers allow us to continue to fulfil our charity objectives. It’s very straightforward to make a provision for Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary in your Will whether you are drawing up a new one or amending an existing one. Just speak to your solicitor or contact the Sanctuary for advice.