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Help Us Help Them!

At any one time the sanctuary is home to over 100 animals of various species. All those animals have their own individual needs but fundamentally need three main things - care, food and vetting. Our main bills are for food and vet care. If you can help support any of our animals in any way please hit the subscription buttons below or click across to Support Us and learn more about sponsorship, legacies, volunteering, and general donations. 

The subscriptions on this page are fulfilled by Paypal and come straight to us - the sponsorship can be set up via Paypal, direct debit etc. Learn more at Checkout.

Ark Appeal

Help us keep the animals at Crosskennan Fed!

Every animal has their own needs and costs - help us keep them fed by topping up our Ark Appeal.

Sponsor for

£5 per month!

Feed the Cats!

We are currently home to over 30 cats including Bernie above!

It costs £1.36 on average per cat per day in food and supplements. Can you help us cover the cost of feeding just one cat weekly?

Sponsor for

£9.52 per week!

Help Beth!

Beth suffers with very bad sweet itch.

It costs £111.90 each month to provide Beth with food and the supplements needed to help keep her healthy and happy. Can you help cover just one day a month?

Sponsor for

£3.73 per month!

Cat Care Plan!

Crosskennan is home to over 30 cats currently - including Daisy above.

Costs of caring for the cats each month is upwards of £1000! Can you help us cover a small portion of these costs?

Sponsor for

£5 per month!

Feed the Chickens!

We are currently home to 12 birds - including Giles the rooster!

It costs 38p on average per bird to cover their daily food. You can help us keep food on their plates and in their bellies! Please help us feed birds like Giles!

Sponsor for

£2.66 per week!

Love the Littles!

Oliver is one of our Littlest Littles!

It costs as little as £23 a month to feed some of the little ponies on the yard. Can you help us keep them fed and well?

Sponsor for

£15 per month!

Feed Hercules!

Hercules is a permanent resident and has been since 2015.

It costs us £144 each month just to feed Hercules. Can you help by covering just one day each month?

Sponsor for

£4.80 per month!

Feed the Dogs!

We are home to 6 resident dogs including Benji above.

It costs between £1.20 and £2.59 to feed each of the dogs at the sanctuary each day. Every dog is on a select diet due to their health or requirements.

Sponsor for

£4.71 per week!

Vet Appeal

Animals like Lucy need regular vet check ups and medicine to keep them healthy.

Our Vet bills are constant at the sanctuary and with every new arrival there is a spike in costs. Can you help us care for the animals in need?

Sponsor for

£3.00 every other week!

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