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Life looking up at last for Mojo as he's found a stable home


By Lisa Smyth

January 13 2016

Mojo has not had an easy time of late - but now things are finally looking up for him.


The handsome 20-year-old pony has been offered a second chance of life after the volunteers at Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary came to his rescue.

He was handed over just before Christmas suffering from an excruciatingly painful eye condition. "His owner didn't want him any longer and he was abandoned at his livery yard," explained centre manager Lyn Friel.

"We were approached to see if we would take him on. As you can see, his right eye was badly damaged. He was suffering from a nasty condition called uveitis.

"It was obviously causing him a lot of pain. He had his head down and was constantly blinking, as you can imagine you would as it would have felt like there was something in it.

"He needed surgery to have his eye removed and had to stay with the vet for two weeks, but it turns out it was the greatest gift we could have given him.

"He is no longer in pain, he is much happier and is looking forward to his new life in his new home."

Ms Friel said Mojo was one of the almost 100 horses and ponies at the Co Antrim sanctuary. "He is such a lovely pony," she added. "In fact, if all the horses and ponies we had were like him we would have no problem rehoming them. We're delighted he will be going to a good home where he will be loved, cared for and wanted and he will be able to spend the rest of his life taking it easy."

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