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Volunteer Application Form



Please complete the form to the best of your abilities. Incomplete forms may not be processed or may take longer to review.


Some questions require an answer but if it is not applicable to you please just add N/A.


Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary (CLAS) recognises the importance of volunteers in achieving its charitable objectives and is committed to ensuring that all volunteers are effectively utilised and properly acknowledged for the generous gift of their time and expertise.


That you will be treated as a valued team member and without discrimination. CLAS welcomes your comments and suggestions.

  • Appropriate and reasonable out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Assurance that you and your contribution will be appreciated at all times.


What we expect from our volunteers. What we will offer our volunteers


Membership of a team as part of which you will be able to make a worthwhile contribution to helping animals in our care, promoting responsibility towards animals and supporting pet owners in our community.

  • A welcome to volunteers from all sections of the community and wherever possible we will accommodate people with special needs.

  • Induction and training enabling you to fulfil your role effectively.

  • Support and guidance from a staff member so that you will feel secure and confident in what you are doing.

  • Appropriate insurance cover is in place for all activities that you may be asked to carry out for us

  • Appropriate personal protective equipment to enable you to perform your role safely

  • Appropriate health & safety environment, briefings and training Assurance

  • To complete the training programmes offered both at your induction and during your period of service.

  • To know and follow CLAS guidelines and policies at all times.


Of particular importance are the following, details of which will be provided as appropriate during volunteer induction:

  • Health & Safety

  • Animal handling methods

  • Restricted areas on site at CLAS


To abide by the principle of confidentiality and respect all confidential information relating to CLAS, fellow volunteers, employees, members of the public and service users.

  • To ensure any comments or statements made on behalf of CLAS are in line with CLAS guidelines and policy. If unsure please check with the CLAS Committee or explain that they are your views and not necessarily those of CLAS. Any media contact must be through our press officer.

  • To be reliable and to let us know in good time if you cannot attend.

N.B. Whilst we appreciate the goodwill shown by volunteers in giving their time and expertise freely, if the behaviour of a volunteer does not complement or support the objectives of CLAS, the person in charge may ask the volunteer to adjust their behaviour. CLAS aims to identify and resolve any problems at an early stage, but, in circumstances where this is not possible, the volunteer may be informed that their services are no longer required. It is not intended that a volunteer should have the status of employee or worker in relation to the volunteering activities undertaken, nor that they should derive a personal financial benefit from undertaking such activities.

Once we have processed your application we will be in touch regarding our next appropriate volunteer induction. Please bear in mind depending on our current staffing and animal numbers inductions will run according to need and also interest. We do always endeavor to accept all new volunteers.

At the induction, you will be required to sign a copy of your application, the charter, and an induction training sheet.


Any attendees under the age of 16 must ensure that a parent or guardian signs the forms after the induction and before the first volunteering session or we cannot allow you to volunteer.

If you are in agreement and are happy with your submission please hit submit.

If you would like to check the status of your application please email - Please do give us at least 5 working days to process your application as the volunteer department is managed by volunteers.


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