Boistorious Boy

Permanent Resident
I arrived at CLAS in 2016 as a boisterous puppy in need of training before I could look for another new home. I decided I loved the sanctuary and all the attention and I couldn't find a home that suited me so I’ll stay here forever and be trained as a therapy dog. I love to go for long walks and to get my furry coat brushed. It’s great here – I’ve got lots of friends to play with and I get to go on adventures.
A Sunday afternoon at the sanctuary in 2016 we got a call about a puppy who needed to find a new home. We didn't hear much more as at that moment that same puppy gave a loud cry and the caller cut off while they were trampled by a small fluff ball.

That fluff ball was Benji and he was little more than 16 weeks old when he arrived at the sanctuary but already he had been in over 3 different homes. He'd been bought for hundreds of pounds and within a week his owners were bored. Benji nipped for attention and would jump and howl and overall made a fuss to get a fuss made of him.
Our main issue on his arrival was his nipping and play biting, but we assumed with a little training he would be easy to rehome. One thing we were sure of though was it had to be a forever home as he didn't deserve anymore moving around.

As we started working with him we discovered one of his issues was severe separation anxiety. He couldn't be on his own at all or he would nervously begin destroying things or howling. When he was finally reunited with people he greeted them with such exuberance that he took the legs from beneath them. Benji had no idea of the size of the dog he was growing into and he still expected to be cuddled and carried like a pup.
After a number failed attempts at rehoming, it was decided Benji would join the therapy dogs at the sanctuary and began his training, which has been rather slow going. Benji is always wanting to play and get into mischief and is often seen caring around slippers and blankets, and whatever else he can get his jaws on, that he's stolen from the manager's home.

He still exhibits some anxiety and nervousness and often has to check where 'his people' have gone if they move from his sight but he is happy and loved and has so many friends to play with. He sleeps by the fire each night curled up with his pals Timmy, Dora, and Willow.