Big Betty

Permanent Resident
I arrived at CLAS in 2015 at 3 weeks old with my sisters. We met lots of other kittens when we arrived and I have watched them get new homes, but because of my colour I have been overlooked - apparently black cats are too plain! I now live in the Cat Cabin and have a comfy warm bed and lots of new friends to keep me company. I love to sit outside and watch the volunteers work and when loose on the yard I often lend a paw helping with hay feeds, getting a sail in the wheelbarrows or just generally getting in the way to extract the maximum number of cuddles.
The sanctuary got a call about a cat that had died in an industrial area, the cat had been lactating so the search was on for the kittens who would obviously be missing their mother. Eventually all five were found curled up in their nest, but they were very sick and very weak. So Bernie arrived at the sanctuary as a very sick and weak, three weeks old, orphaned kitten without much hope.
Her immune system was shocked and it was a long process of bringing her to health. When she arrived, staff and volunteers didn't hold out much hope for a happy ending for any of the siblings. They were all severely underweight and riddled with fleas and worms, as well as all having contracted cat flu.

All five had a fighting spirit and the defied the odds and were nursed to health with help from another mother cat, Duchess; who had been busy rearing her own 3 kittens but took an interest in the orphans and decided to help. She helped clean and rear them, teaching them things a mother cat should.
As soon as Betty was advertised for a home she took sick again with cat flu. Thankfully it was a milder dose than her sisters and she pulled through without any adverse affects.
Betty watched as a number of her sisters and friends were adopted while she sat overlooked. Even though Betty is one of the friendliest cats we've known - no one seemed to want her. It was heartbreaking to watch. People would apply for Betty, arrive to meet her and then pick someone else. When she turned 2 and still no home was found and she was very settled into the sanctuary life we made the decision that she could stay with some of her other siblings that failed to find homes.

She is always one of the first down to say hello and loves to explore the yard. She especially loves sailing around the yard in the wheelbarrows or helping fill up the hay buckets!