The Pup with the Pixie Face

Permanent Resident
I arrived at CLAS in 2018 as a severely emaciated girl that was terrified of my own shadow. I took a very long time coming around to the people on the yard and I still am unsure but each day I grow in confidence and I have my favourite friends. Sadly I have chronic Lymes disease and it's left me with joint pains, stiffness, and kidney problems. That doesn't mean I don't get to have fun and I love nothing more than playing in the garden with my toys or my best pal Tim!
Elva was found wandering; emaciated, terrified, and flea-bitten. She had no collar or chip and no owner ever came for her. She was very withdrawn and we honestly didn’t think she would pull through, her skin was just hanging on her bones and we thought it was only a matter of when not if.
Amazingly, this girl presented with a fighter’s spirit, her soulful eyes filled a little more each day with life and vigor. She was absolutely terrified of people and would shy as far back as she could manage. When finally we could get her to the vets we discovered that she had Lymes disease, a condition caused by a tick bite. We treated and hoped that there was no lasting damage. Each day Elva improved ever slowly towards becoming alive. She bonded with a dog called Carly who was on temporary fostering at the sanctuary and we can still recall the day she picked up the tennis ball and did a play bow. Elva’s spirit had returned to her healing body and we were overjoyed.
Elva settled into life at the sanctuary and after Carly left she decided to make Tim her best friend and he was happy to fill that void for her. Elva’s Lymes disease is chronic and as a result of it she has joint problems, muscle weakness, kidney problems, and intermittent lameness. Through all of this she has never lost that spirit. She is still very nervous of new people and sometimes new things, but she is just a pup at heart and she has a pixie spirit, playful and fun and just wanting people to believe in her. She will remain at Crosskennan where she is safe, loved, and where we can monitor her care most effectively.