The Silver Lady

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Permanent Resident
I'm learning everyday people aren't all bad; but I still don't want them crawling all over me.
Lady was dumped, abandoned, and unwanted. She was so traumatized by the whole ordeal that she was impossible to touch or get close to when first arriving at the rescue yard. When we had space for her at the sanctuary she moved up to begin work to rehome her.
Lady suffered with such a bad case of sweet itch that she rubbed her skin raw in places and had no mane or tail left. She was itchy, sore, angry, and very scared. She would immediately go on the offensive if anyone approached her stable and had been seen on occasion to try and quite literally climb the walls to try and escape. We honestly didn't know how we were going to reach her.

We introduced her to a few of the littles and she seemed to form a tenuous bond with Shelly and Niknak. She would be happy enough in their company but equally, she seemed just as content on her own. She didn't seem to have the same herd instinct that many of our equines present with. She seemed to be happier to be on the outside of the herd; perhaps having never been around other horses before being abandoned? We don't know for sure.

Slowly she came around to people, but it was very slowly, she was with us over a year before she wouldn't take off at the sight of someone. It took over 2 years before volunteers could comfortably groom her; and even then it was entirely on her terms.

She got to recognize though that the choice was hers and eventually she seemed to seek attention, but again on her own terms.
Lady was advertised for a home many times, she has no issues, other than sweet-itch and her confidence with people, that would prevent her from riding or being rehomed. Unfortunately, they were two big issues that made finding a home all that more difficult.

Lady's homes always fell through, due to one thing or another. From March to October every year her sweet-itch flares up with the midge season. She gets irritable and sore and needs to have daily creams applied to help. Of course, to apply those creams she needs to trust you and that can be part of the battle that many didn't want to take on.

It was decided in 2020 that Lady would remain at the sanctuary. She may not be paired or matched with any herd, but she does have a family here and she is confident in who she is when in the yard. Given her past and her inability to cope well with changes we are unsure how she would settle into a home; especially given so long at the sanctuary and in her routine.