Little Blonde Hen

Permanent Resident
I've been a CLAS Resident since 2018 when I was dropped off alongside my brother who sadly didn't survive. I am a fighter though and although I may be small I am mighty! I love exploring the garden with my new family! I love stealing snacks from the staff and my favourite is flapjacks and grapes! I was named after two cool ladies in a nursing home my fellow residents Ernie and Dora visit. These two ladies emptied their pocket money to help buy the birds at the sanctuary lots of grapes and other yummy things!
Margaret was dropped off at the sanctuary alongside a little male rooster. We had no history on the pair or where they came from.
Margaret and her brother didn't have names and for a while were just referred to as Little Blonde Hen and Yellow Legs. Both bird's growth seemed to stunted - Donald (Yellow Legs) more so than Margaret. We had several vet visits to try and diagnose the problem and checked and treated for possibilities.

Donald was extremely curious little bird and when they'd been with us 6 months and both bird's health had improved we began training them for Animal Assisted Therapy visits. Donald took to it with flying colours and made his first excursion to a local nursing home where he stole the show.

It was during one of these trips that he met two of our most avid supporters, fondly known as 'the Margarets'. They inspired our little blonde Hen's name - as she had been with us for over 7 months and never official named. It seemed fitting for her; even though she made it quite clear she wasn't as fond of people interactions as her companion.
Sadly in Summer 2019 Donald passed away suddenly, we believe it was Liver damage that caused this and Margaret, having presented with similar symptoms on arrival was immediately moved into the cabin for careful observation.

When she remained healthy and began getting cranky over being stuck inside we allowed her venture out with the front garden flock for a few hours each day; until one day she decided that she was also going to go to bed with them too.

From that day on Margaret joined the front garden flock and hasn't looked back. She loves exploring the garden and has actually improved in her people skills!

She is notorious for stealing snacks and loves treats - often the sweeter the better!