Miss - Understood

Permanent Resident
I arrived at CLAS in 2020 after my owners tried to hand me into the pound where sadly I was going to be pts. I am very nervous and had shown agression so the sanctuary stepped in to help me. I'm only a youngster and everyday I'm learning and I've made so many friends and I;m so happy at the sanctuary that I've deicded to make it my permanent home and I'm thinking when I'm a little braver I can start trying to meet new people and maybe help with the sanctuary's therapy program!
Willow was a very anxious pup and wasn’t settling in her home to the point that the owners took her to the pound. Unfortunately, or fortunately, she showed aggression at the pound and they made a recommendation that the owners contact Crosskennan. If the pound had taken her in they stated that she would most likely be put to sleep because of her aggression.

Willow arrived just as she had been described; very nervous and prone to aggression as a means of defending herself, even when there was no perceived threat. She would cower and hide the moment you walked into the kennels, but when we began to clip away her overgrown coat and the dirt she didn’t growl or fuss.

She eventually settled enough that we were able to get her into the vets for a full clip; she was extremely agitated in the car and when the volunteer got her to the vets she was unable to get her out of the vehicle she was so scared. Lyn, the sanctuary manager, who had been spending mornings and nights with Willow had to drive over to the vets to assist getting her out. As soon as Willow saw Lyn she relaxed and the vets were able to trim away the overgrown hair to reveal the pretty little dog beneath.

It seemed only natural considering her anxiety in kennels that Willow move into the kitchen with other resident dogs Timmy, Dora, and Benji; immediately she relaxed and settled into daily life.

Willow’s owners had told us that she was from a farm and Willow did seem comfortable at the sanctuary with the other animals; so much so that it seemed impossible to take her away from a home where she felt safe and happy.

Willow has a lot to learn and everyday we make progress with her behaviour and anxiety. She loves playing and roughhousing with the other dogs, and going on big adventures sniffing everything in the paddocks. We could try and rehome Willow again but we think it’s safe to say she has chosen her home at the sanctuary and we cannot argue with her.