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To apply for a ridden horse we need the details of the main rider. If more than one person will be riding the horse please let us know their details in the box below titled 'Additional Rider Details'.

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Companion Equine

What Is Your Reason For Wanting A Companion Equine?

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To give an equine a home with existing equines

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I have experience of nervous/less handled equines and can confidently continue their education in a companion capacity.

I am seeking a pony/horse who knows the basics such as picking up feet, being caught and dealing with dentist/vet visits and can continue to positively educate with regard to handling.

I am looking for an equine that is easy to do and generally good to handle.

I am looking for an equine that is suitable for families/children.

Your Facilities and Grazing

Will the horse/pony be stabled at your home address?

If not, what address will the horse/pony be stabled at?

What type of Address will the horse/pony be homed to?

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Will The Equine Be Left On Its Own?

  1. Never Left

  2. Occassionally - Whilst other equine is being Exercised

  3. Occassionally - For longer periods whilst other equine is at events

  4. Regularly - for short periods

  5. Regularly - For longer periods (events or other equine is stabled)

Can the Equine see any other equines when it's in the field alone?

How Much Grazing Is Available?

How Best Describes Your Grazing?

  1. Suitable for Laminitics/Good Doers

  2. Average Grazing

  3. Lush Grazing

  4. Access to Conserved Forage (Hay/Haylage)

Do you have a stable for the new horse?

What Shelter Is Available?

  1. Natural Hedging

  2. Field Shelter

  3. Stable

  4. Barn

What Type Of Fencing Encloses The Fields?

  1. Post & Rail

  2. Electric Fencing

  3. Stock Fencing

  4. Barbed Wire

  5. Other (please specify)

How Would You Restrict Grazing If Required?

  1. Strip Grazing

  2. Grazing Muzzle

  3. Periods of Stabling

  4. Other (please Specify)

How Do You Control Poisonous Plants?

  1. Spraying

  2. Physical Removal

  3. Other (please specify)