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Sat, 27 Oct


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National Black Cat Day 2018

Have you heard of Black Cat Day? Its one of the best days of the year! Lets Celebrate the miniature jungle cat that share so many of our homes!

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National Black Cat Day 2018
National Black Cat Day 2018

Time & Location

27 Oct 2018, 00:00 – 01 Nov 2018, 00:00

Location is TBD

About the event

Have you heard of Black Cat Day?

Its one of the best days of the year!

There is nothing on the planet as elegant and adorable as a miniature jungle panther stalking their fluffy mice and bits of string around their quite mundane residences. So knowing this, why is it that black cats and kittens are often overlooked when animal shelters are looking for new homes?

Black Cats History

Looking at the history of Black Cats in our world we look at ancient Egypt. In Ancient Egypt cats were revered highly, primarily because of their prowess in combating vermin numbers. Royalty kept cats in the luxury of gold jewelry and were invited to eat straight from their humans plates. Cats were even represented as Gods; Bastet, the Goddess of Warfare, was a woman with the head of a Cat.

Following from Egypt, we see in Celtic mythology that black cats were indeed a good omen. It was believed that fairies could take the form of black cats and wander into towns and villages. It was considered a sign of good luck if they were to arrive in your home or village.

The Pilgrims were the next to look upon Black cats but with their devout religious beliefs and fear of anything related to the pagan beliefs of their ancestors they looked upon black cats not as good omens but as bad. Instead of being vessels of fairies they were reported to be the disguises of witches and demons or their familiars. It became common practice to severely punish those who kept black cats as pets and it was known for the animals themselves to be killed.

In modern times black cats are overlooked and are often perceived as being unlucky, even though no one really believes that black cats are involved with witches or demons.

Throughout history Black cats have been viewed by people one way or another and this has lead to many beliefs and thinking today. Isn't it time we show our appreciation for those pocket sized jungle cats?

So how are you going to celebrate Black Cat Day?

Do you have a cat?

If yes, especially a black cat, they Black Cat Appreciation Day is the day to celebrate that the cat has allowed you to part of their lives. It is the day to make your feline friend feel extra special. We are all so busy most days with just our daily lives so it can be difficult some days to return the love and attention that our pets give us everyday. Why not treat your cat to a new toy or a tasty treat or spend the afternoon playing games or snuggling; you know your cat best.

If you don't have a cat, would you like to and are you ready to have a cat in your life?

If yes, have you've been thinking about getting a cat and considered the time, money and care you need to provide the new member of your family? Perhaps today will be the day that you welcome a new feline friend into your life. Animal Sanctuaries and Rescues are usually bursting at the seams with both kittens and older cats who need a home and family of their own. Black cat are less likely to be adopted, it is not completely known why but some suggest it is the superstitious beliefs of our ancestors, others have considered it is the the fact that black cats are so much more difficult to photograph and so people cannot see their unbelievable potential.

If you've answered no to the previous two questions, what can you do to celebrate Black Cats?

Well, if you've read all of the above you will know that Black Cats have a very strong history. Whether you believe it or not Black cats have a historical link with Royalty, Gods and Goddesses, Fairies, Witches and Demons; not a group of individuals you may want to be on the bad side on.

VOLUNTEER So if you have some time, why not volunteer with your local rescue centre to help care for the cats in their care.

DONATE If you don't have time to spare, or perhaps have allergies or other reasons that prevent you from getting hands on, why not donate to the ongoing care of black cats in a shelter? Making a small donation can help countless felines and get you in good with the cats of the world; you know, just in case they really do have any magical powers!

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