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Home From Home

Pixie and Dixie are two bonded male rabbits around a year old and are looking for their new home.

They have lived with a family all their lives, in a large enclosure in a garage in winter and in another large enclosure outdoors in summer. They are friendly, with a good temperament and will sit on your lap, or beside you quite happily. As we come into the warmer months, it will be very easy to transition them to outdoor living, but it is very important that they have a big double hutch and lots of secure space to roam freely in 24/7. We can advise on size of hutch and runs etc.

Unfortunately they are not neutered so we would ask the new owner to have them both neutered as soon as possible, and in light of this would waive the rehoming fee for both bunnies. Neutering the pair is non negotiable.

Please email for an application form.

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