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On The Second Day Of Christmas...

On the Second day of Christmas our foster homes were busy providing care to the rescues in their direct care, including;

Grace, Samson, Karina, Tweedy, Harper, Hardy, Theodore, Millie, Miley, Tom, Dick, Reina, Rumour, Harley, Billy, Dobby, Chunk... to name a few.

This year we've been able to help so many extra animals and save lives thanks to dedicated and hardworking fosterers who are so often self sacrificing and willing to go that extra mile with everything they do.

Fostering is often one of the most difficult jobs of rescue, you bring an animal into your home and life and become the care giver and main human in their lives. Then you have to give them up. Often with rescues you are working with animals who need more, need extra TLC, treatments, and general love and care. You need to commit to them, your heart and mind often at war as you fall in love with them and think about how they could fit permanently into your life while at the same time worrying about how you could cope with an extra permanent member of the family.

Sometimes fosterers "fail" and cannot part with those in their care. Honestly they are our favourite people, but it's often bittersweet for us as we know that that foster place is potentially gone for the future. We are grateful to our core team of fosterers for our cats and equines; and to those who step in when needed for the dogs.

We are also very grateful to those who have fostered and provided emergency care to the other animals we've helped this year; animals who we didn't have the facilities for or the space.

We are sure we will be calling on you all again in the coming year and we may not always get a moment to say thanks so this is our moment to say it out loud. Thank you all so much.

And so from our Foster families to yours; we do hope you had a lovely Christmas and wish you a happy and healthy new year!

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