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Advent Appeal - Day 3

Little Nell and her siblings would love some chicken bedding - just a little! They’ve been told by their new friends on the yard that it’s really good stuff and they’d love to try some. They are a little poorly and are struggling with the dust from the straw and shavings.

Little Nell is enjoying her rehab in the cat cabin while her siblings have moved into the blue house. They are very messy boys and girls and are going through other bedding so fast as it isn't as absorbent nor as purpose-made! It's so important to have the right bedding for these recent arrivals as they have some tummy problems and we are trying to keep them clean to reduce infections.

Like we said the dust isn't helping, so we are looking to try some dust-free alternatives or branch out into hemp-based bedding which has way more positive points than we can even begin to describe.

This is not something we often splash out on as they are more expensive than our normal bedding options, but these boys and girls deserve a little something special at Christmas.

Can you send us some? We don't really have a preference on what it is to be honest, we never knew there was such a world of chicken bedding options out there!

Our main needs are Dust-free, Bacteria free, and high absorbency. Bedding that has any extra benefits would be incredible to try; even only for a month or so until these birdies are back on their feet.

Countdown to Christmas with CLAS!

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