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We are Hiring Yard Staff!

Crosskennan is seeking Part-Time Staff (approximately 3 days a week) to work mainly with our equines.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to work with a huge variety of horses, ponies and donkeys and to constantly learn about equine behaviour and health. Candidates must have experience in equine care and handling, have good communication skills, attention to detail, and must note the work is labour intensive, repetitive and outdoors so please only apply if this is suited to you.

- The work is very physical, from mucking out, handling equines, grooming, feeding, health checks etc.

- We are only a small team but we are caring for over 40 equines currently as well as many smaller animals, including dogs, cats, hens, etc.

- You will have to work with both the staff team and the volunteers and report to the Sanctuary Manager.

- Possibility to pick up extra hours with holiday and sickness cover etc

So, why work with us?

Crosskennan is very important to animal welfare in NI, being the longest running horse sanctuary in the country (1 of 2). It also does a lot of rescue work for donkeys, cats, dogs and other small animals, with over 200 rescued in the last year alone.

Hear from a current staff member below.

"I love being around the animals and seeing their different personalities and small achievements of getting them to trust you, or coming to you when they are called. You try and do all you can to make their day better. Seeing a horse go from a terrified wreck to loving and trustful is a an honour to witness. Sharing the journey with them as they move from being a pony you can't even look at to one that runs to greet you in the morning and calls across the yard when you have food. It's the small things sometimes too, like finding that perfect spot where they love to be scratched."

- Current Staff Member

So if you think you possess the experience, drive and enthusiasm to work with us, please fill in an application form via this link -

For more information email Summer jobs will also be considered.

Many thanks,

The CLAS Team

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