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Advent Appeal - Day 4

Advent Day 4!

Tim and Elva say they are really excited for Christmas, unfortunately not so excited about the wet and cold!

They would love some coats to help keep them warm and dry and a little cleaner on their walks. They don't like the ones that cover the chests, just a simple coat that is fairly light but waterproof and attached with a band at the top of the chest and one on the belly.

Can you help us buy them a coat each? Tim hasn't had a new coat in years and in his advancing years he's feeling the cold when he gets wet; no matter how much towelling off he gets!

If you can make a donation we would be ever so grateful, so far you've helped us meet everyone's Christmas wishes! Let's see if we can get everyone something nice before Christmas Day!

Countdown to Christmas with CLAS!

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