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Ark Appeal Update - May 2020

Our Ark Appeal is going well and so far we've only fallen short on one appeal to provide food for each of our animals for 3 months. Most appeals have exceeded and some have doubled the target!

Today marks 2 weeks of appeals and we are, as always, blown away by your support.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, we lost out on many fundraising activities and events, resulting in us struggling to afford the basic costs of some of the animal's foods and supplements.

As a rescue and a sanctuary, we have many animals who are on very specific diets due to health or injury. With your help, we can ensure that every one of them has a full belly, a warm bed and a place to call home, whether they are with us for a day or for a lifetime.

Remember, if you've already given all you can, you can still help! You can comment on posts, tag friends, share on your page, and in groups. Help us reach more people to help.

We ask a lot for the money, but if we don't, we really don't know how we will survive. We have absolutely no government funding, our entire charity is run through donations. We don't hold reserves as every penny is spent to save lives. We have more and more animals needing our help each day; many of whom we can't share with you because of restrictions in place. We have taken in dogs, cats, donkeys, ponies, all since the sanctuary went into lockdown. We could have turned our backs and closed the gates up and said no, but that is not in our nature.

When a call comes in about an animal in need, our first thought should be can we afford another mouth to feed? Honestly, it's about our Fifth or sixth thought. The first thought is, we must help!

So, please, continue to share, to tag, to post, to give whatever little you can, to help us continue to save lives.

If you can gift aid please tick for gift aid - if you've given in the past but forgot to gift aid just send us an email. Gift aid is awesome! It's a free boost to all your donations if you are a taxpayer!

When we are back on our feet and our gates can be opened we look forward to welcoming you all in to meet all the amazing animals you have helped us save!

Because we may save lives, but without you, we would be nothing.

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