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Bonnie & Clyde

Cast your mind back to 2015 when we had to find homes for two gorgeous little buns, Bonnie and Clyde. They were snapped up by volunteer Sarah who updated us almost immediately.

Rabbits are doing great! They're getting used to having people about and being in their new house. They're finally out and about! As they would hide under the green thing. They're having a good lie down after all the eating they did XD. Left is the buck 'Clyde' and on the right is the Doe 'Bonnie'. They are not hand trained yet but they will soon be!

Just before Christmas Sarah got in touch to let us know how the pair are getting on and it sounds like it's been an adventure!

I just wanted to update you about Bonnie and Clyde! I think the rabbits will be coming 6 this year 🙂 I want to thank Crosskeenan for giving me such a fun pair of buns 🙂. I’ve been meaning to update you guys for ages about the buns just I’ve been so busy! I adopted them at the end of 2014 -the start of 2015. I can’t actually remember!

I’ll start with Bonnie. At first, I thought Bonnie had scoliosis due to the bend in her spine but as I got to know her more it became more apparent that her previous owner had dropped her (on her back and it didn’t heal properly. Vet and I discussed this..) as she was very nervous around people (she would pee when picked up and pee on people’s laps) and was Terrified of being handled.. it took nearly 2 years for me to gain her trust (with treats and care for her) and this was after Bonnie got affected with e.colicuni.

Thankfully I recognised the parasite before it could cause any serious damage (Bonnie was left with a minor limp). But with treating Bonnie for this she learned to trust me 🙂 as she would always pee on me when I had her on my lap. The first time I had her on my lap and she didn’t wet me I almost cried!!!

Bonnie still is a nervous bun as she is prone to a lot of problems as she suffers from dental issues and recently she’s had an eye ulcer (related to her dental problems). However she gets her teeth done every few months by the vet and her eye gets checked (the vet says it’s ok it possibly left a scar but I’m treating it). The strange thing about Bonnie is that there’s always something needed to be treated with her. 🙂

I didn’t want to give up on Bonnie as I loved her so much 🙂 the day she came outta her shell was the best day of my life! I cry tears of joy 😭 every time I think about it!!!

I forgot to say that I first got the buns that Bonnie was very quiet and basically terrified of Everything! I think it was due to the trauma of being dropped. As she hated being handled. It was difficult to tell if Bonnie was ok or not a lot of times due to her subdued nature she hid everywhere! She never came out of the cage and even when’s she’s out now she still hides a lot! The number of times I took her to the vet and they said she was fine was unbelievable! It was because she was terrified of people that she hid! I thought she was part moray eel as she only came out briefly to eat and to drink (rarely saw her do it!)then disappeared again. I was worried a lot for her so quite often I gave her critical care for rabbits 🐇 I still keep it just in case it’s needed!

Bonnie (left) and Clyde (right) You can see Bonnies limp from the e.cuniculi in this. She still gets around 🙂 I’ve altered the area for her so it’s lower allowing her to access the same areas Clyde can get to. There are also ramps 🙂

Clyde ironically has NEVER had a single problem!! Seriously!! He never showed a sign of e.colicuni! He has no dental issues.... nothing!! Though his personality is hilarious! He acts like a mini Dennis the menace! He’s even ate some of my trousers and shoes!!! He’s super cheeky!!! I love them so much!

On the pics below Bonnie is on the left and Clydes on the right. They love getting out each night for a run and Clyde loves chewing cardboard boxes!

I’d like people to know that if you work for an animals trust you will gain it and you will be rewarded:) don’t give up trying to gain an animals trust as an animal may have had a traumatic experience (like Bonnie being dropped on her back...) but when you work for the trust you will earn it even if it takes 2 years!! Or more! 🙂

Both buns love dandelion, marigold flowers and strawberry hearts biscuit treats 🙂 they go crazy for the strawberry hearts! I’ve even been able to train them 🙂 Clyde is more trainable as Bonnie has limited movement due to her limp and back injury.

Bonnie and Clyde say merry Christmas and thanks for giving us a second chance!!


Well, we personally think that was an update worth waiting for and it really shows how above and beyond people can go for their animals and how rewarding it can be.

Share your stories of any CLAS animals you've adopted! We love to see how everyone is getting on! It makes everyday worthwhile!

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Jan 26, 2020

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