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Learning Through Horses (Equine Facilitated Interaction (EFI) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL))

Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary welcomes groups and individuals to participate in Equine Facilitated Interaction (EFI) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) sessions at our sanctuary. These sessions provide unique opportunities for personal growth, learning, and therapeutic experiences through interactions with our rescued horses and ponies.

One of our current participants, Matthew (who has given us permission to share his journey with us), has been attending sessions at our sanctuary to address his struggles with anxiety and the transition into adulthood. Matthew, who has autism and faces several health challenges, has found solace and support in working with our equine residents. Matthew has shown remarkable determination and progress in each session.

During his time at the sanctuary, Matthew has set his sights on developing coping techniques for his anxiety. Through our tailored sessions, he has experienced moments of clarity and self-awareness, identifying areas of struggle and exploring strategies to address them. Matthew's engagement and enthusiasm for the activities are evident, with his mother sharing how he eagerly anticipates each session and counts down the days until his next visit.

In one session where Matthew was experiencing heightened anxiety, our facilitators guided him through grounding exercises and focused interactions with our horses. Witnessing Matthew's rapid relaxation and renewed focus reaffirmed the effectiveness of our approach in supporting individuals like him. Each session is thoughtfully designed to address Matthew's individual goals, whether it be tackling specific challenges or simply promoting relaxation and well-being.

Currently attending once a week for 60 minutes, Matthew has already formed a special bond with Lydia, one of our beloved horses. The positive changes observed in Matthew after just a few sessions are a testament to the transformative power of equine-assisted activities. Our facilitators prioritize Matthew's comfort and well-being, ensuring that each session is a safe and supportive environment for his growth and learning.

As Matthew continues his journey with us, we remain committed to providing him and others with meaningful experiences that promote personal development, resilience, and emotional well-being.

Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary currently has a couple of places available for new clients, with sessions available Monday through Saturday. Whether you're seeking individual support or looking to participate in a group setting, we welcome you to join us for transformative Equine Facilitated Interaction (EFI) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) sessions.

Our group sessions are tailored to the specific needs and dynamics of each group, ensuring that every participant receives personalized attention and support. While the composition of each group may vary, we typically recommend a maximum of 8-10 individuals in a group setting to maintain an intimate and effective learning environment.

Individual sessions are also available and are designed to address the unique goals and challenges of each client. Our experienced facilitators work closely with clients to create a safe and supportive space for exploration, growth, and healing.

Please note that our sessions are conducted within the hours of Monday to Saturday, providing flexibility to accommodate different schedules and preferences. Whether you're seeking support for personal development, coping with anxiety, or simply looking to connect with our rescued equines, we're here to help.

With base costs starting at £40 per 60-minute session, we offer the potential for discounts for multiple prepaid bookings, making our sessions accessible and affordable for all.

To reserve your place or learn more about our EFI and EAL sessions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're excited to welcome you to Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary and embark on this journey of growth and discovery together.

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