Devil's Relief

Arrow and Lucas are running low on Devil's relief to help with their older bones and joints. Can you send us some? Or donate to help buy?

A 5-litre bottle will last 2 and a half months - helping soothe the boy's joint pain and promoting easy movement, as well as supporting their digestive system.

A 5-litre bottle costs £72. We can get smaller bottles too but the 5 litre is more cost-effective as well as providing a longer use. The 500ml is only £15 but will only last just over a week.

Again, we are always so grateful for every bit of support people give; but we always have to ask for more because Horses and ponies, especially rescues, need a lot of care. So if you can help by either sending a bottle to us or by donating some money towards buying, we would be so very very grateful.

Arrow is loving is outdoor time, running around and playing like a youngster. At thirty years old he needs that extra help so if you can help - help him!

So if you can help us out, please donate. You can donate directly by PayPal to or by Visiting our help page online -

#claslucas #animalsneedhelp

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