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Equine Halfway House - Helping those in the Fires

We have all, we are sure, seen or heard something on the fires in Australia. We are constantly heartbroken by the stories we hear - but thankfully we see so much good too when people and animals come together.

We can not offer aid ourselves but we can share those who are.

Equine Halfway House in Northern Ireland had been planning a fundraiser for themselves when they decided that they needed to share their support. They have posted recently about plans for a fundraiser; “a home and away” fundraiser. To support the animals in need both here and in Australia who have lost homes.

They, like us, cannot do much for the current Fire crisis but eventually the flames will flicker and die - and the crisis will not be over as millions will be without homes, food, or shelter.

Here is a link to their post about their fundraiser.

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