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Fundraising Committee Members Wanted

Crosskennan are recruiting members to help with the constant fundraising at Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary. This is an exciting opportunity to help make positive changes and help us to continue to help many animals in need.

Crosskennan Is Looking To Recruit Volunteers To Our Fundraising Committee. As A Charity Solely Reliant On Donations We Are Constantly In A Process Of Fundraising. In Order To Best Achieve Our Fundraising Strategies, We Are Looking To Recruit New Members To Our Fundraising Committee Who Can Bring Skills And A Passion For Making A Difference To The Team. We Have Laid Out A Brief Look At The Purpose Of The Committee Members And Their Roles; These Roles And Responsibilities May Change As The Committee Forms. Our Aim Is Simple; To Achieve Our Fundraising Goals So That The Sanctuary Can Function To It's Best And Help The Animals And People Who Need Our Help. 

What's The Primary Role Of Any Board Committee?

The role of any Board Committee is, at a minimum, to ensure "best practices" in the activities, or the function, that the committee is assigned to. Board committees should ensure "best practices" are implemented in the major functions in an organization, in this case; fundraising.

Purpose Of A Fundraising Committee Member

The Fundraising Committee will consist of project staff members and volunteers. Together, we will help shape the development of our Fundraising Strategy and promote fundraising activities. This will include evaluating the successes, generating ideas for development and supporting and promoting Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary.

Responsibilities of the Fundraising Committee include:

  • Helping to Support, advise and steer the direction of Our Fundraising Strategy

  • Ensuring there's a specific fundraising target

  • Ensuring prospect research occurs to identify how much money might be raised from different types of resourcesIdentifying specific, potential sources of funds from a diverse mix of sources

  • Developing an action plan about who is going to approach what source, how and by when

  • Compiling the results of items 1, 2, 3 and 4 into a Fundraising Plan that is approved by the Board

  • Ensuring effective administrative systems to track grants and donations

Skills and Experience

In addition to the specific skills and experience outlined under each role, all group members should have the following where possible:

  • Be passionate about animals and supporting people

  • Have the ability to work in a team and on their own initiative

  • Have good organisational skills

  • Have basic computer literacy, (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email, etc.)

Committee Structure

The Chair:

  • is answerable to the Trustees and Management Committee of Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary and must comply with Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary on all constitutional matters.

  • is expected to further the interests of Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary promoting its policies and initiatives, in particular as requested by the Membership Communities Manager.

  • is the main contact with Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary or must appoint a responsible for providing a program of activities for the year.

  • is responsible for ensuring that the Membership Communities Manager is kept informed of the Group’s activities and receives copies of all mailings.

  • is responsible for ensuring that relevant communications from the central office are circulated to all Committee members.

  • should preside over all Group meetings at which he or she is present and have the casting vote at Committee meetings where necessary.

The Vice-Chair:

  • The Vice-Chair will assist our recently recruited chairperson and serve as such in their absence.

  • They will be ensuring the group functions properly and that all relevant matters are discussed, decisions made, and actions carried out.

  • Good leadership skills are essential as is a passion to make positive changes for Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary

  • If a Vice-Chair is appointed, this position presides over committee meetings and covers for the Chair in their absence. The Vice-Chair does not automatically fill the role of the Chair when the Chair retires.

The Secretary:

  • The Secretary will ensure all group meetings are recorded and reported. They will assist with preparations for meetings including typing up and distributing agendas. Experience in a similar role would be helpful.

  • The Secretary will have excellent keyboard skills, be well organised and have an eye for responsible for organising the committee meetings, recording the minutes and related action points.

  • is responsible for maintaining the register of all participants who have signed up to the Group.

  • is responsible for collating and returning volunteer agreements for all Committee membersis expected to send a copy of all AGM and committee minutes to the Membership Communities Manager.

The Committee Treasurer:

  • is responsible for maintaining the written financial records of income and expenditure of the Group and sending Group accounts to Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary in accordance to the procedures laid down by the Hon Treasurer of Crosskennan Lane animal Sanctuaryand as periodically requested.

  • is responsible for running the Group’s finances.

Other Committee Members:

Depending on the numbers of the committee some of the tasks may be covered by the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.

The roles include:

Membership (Participant) Secretary

– Maintaining and updating the Group’s contacts, recruiting new participants to the Group and to Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary, displaying membership leaflets and the regional banner stands at meetings.


– Co-ordinating and organizing meetings, i.e. setting dates in advance, booking venues, coordinating speakers, setting prices for events with a reduced rate for Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary members, marketing etc.

Marketing and Communications

– Promoting the Group’s events and activities through electronic mail, online forums and other channels in conjunction with Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary and its partners. Keeping in touch with the members through regular e-bulletins. They will seek out opportunities to raise awareness of our services whilst promoting sanctuary events.

Social Media

– To run the e-Group and/or social media platforms on behalf of the Group.

All Members Will Play A Strategic Role In Grant Writing, Fundraising Activities And Events. Depending On The Numbers Of Members Some Roles Will Double Up.


If you would like to apply to join the committee and help us make a difference please Email or Call for more information and to register your interest in joining the committee.

We are looking for individuals with passion and skills who are willing to work to make a change!

Please be aware our phone is not manned all the time so we request that you leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you.

028 9446 5384

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